Lady XO – Okay Lyrics | 2019

Lyrics Okay – Lady XO

Got my own money
No these b**ches don’t compare to me
Got it out the mud so deep
That’s why I always play for keeps
Keep my s**t lowkey in case these b**ches try to tell on me
Either way I ain’t gon say the 5th is what the f**k I plead

B**ch I walk around couple bands in my pocket
Free the homies whats the word takin off just like a rocket
I don’t need no help man I already asked em anyways
They wanna ride the wave
But they can’t swim guess that means I’m okay

Yeah I’m okay
I don’t need you because I’m okay
Yeah, stay up out my way
Because I’m okay

I don’t talk for hours cuz I’m busy tryna make a play
Please don’t take it personal be patient babe I’m on the way
Miss the risks that you don’t take devilish I love the pay
I ain’t never evil unless you makin me out to be

He told me he love me but I think that ima leave him
He been with another b**ch not like I got no reason
S**t ain’t workin out cuz he don’t treat me like I treat him
Don’t lie to my face sorry I do not believe ya

I hit like 120 2am onna freeway
Probably shouldn’t do this side effects from drinking Ducee
Blue bills keep me company that’s why I feel so lovely
Your work is on the way priority just give it two days
I been taking L’s but it don’t matter cuz I’m bouncin back
Homies did me dirty askin God could you remove that
I don’t care ’bout fame cuz all they wanna do is pop a tag
But I still got the love in me if you real I’ll pass you a stack

I ain’t never switch up they just mad because I called em out
You don’t really f**k with me I see it you live for the clout
I’m just too straight up that’s just a taste of what I be about
If you can’t handle that it ain’t a thing to have to cut you out
These blessings & these lessons always gotta stay afloat
I can’t wait until I make it f**k a flood I gotta boat
Ever hear me talk my s**t it’s cuz I got some room to boast
So When I say I beat the odds you can’t tell me I do the most

Yeah I’m okay
I don’t need you because I’m okay
Yeah, stay up out my way
Because I’m okay

Gotta couple people stayin hatin I been doin great
I know I had to take my chances something told me s**t was fate
Type of s**t you build from nothin no it ain’t for none to take
For as long as ill be living pray the lord will keep me sane

I gotta go by actions they don’t keep their word who do I trust
Pay attention when you listen you don’t gotta say too much
I made a run for what I wished for as if I was in a rush
I never really liked the small talk don’t respond to hey what’s up
Don’t try me with a poker face because I’ll have to call ya bluff
B**ch I turned nothing into stuntin I’m a diamond in the rough
Hope you never do me dirty you get dragged all in the muck
If I showed you love before that know now I don’t give a f**k
If you ever passed me up then I guess you s**t outta luck
Cuz I got it on my own so keep ya hands off do not touch
I heard em lying on me goofy ass now let’s keep it a buck
It’s not my fault you couldn’t hang you went got swept under the rug

Yeah I’m okay
I don’t need you because I’m okay
Yeah, stay up out my way
Because I’m okay…

Lady XO | 2019

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