Lady XO – Karma (Freestyle) Lyrics | 2019

Lyrics Karma – Lady XO (Freestyle)

Yeah, grabba wood you know my ass
Be steady smokin on the go
Where I be without the music
Couldnt tell you I don’t know

No don’t you try to hype me up
you acted like I was below
Ya offer ain’t enough so that means
I’ma need some more


Asked God to come and bless me
And he opened up the doors
Gotta finish what I started
I can feel it my soul
Don’t matter what I’m doin
I’ma needa wood rolled
I meant what I said
So we gotta argue for

You a fan of me you love in public
Hate me on the low
But you don’t know all that I sacrificed
Add up the baggies sold
You can’t pay the ticket
Why you still be hittin up my phone

They ain’t real no more they fold
I swear that s**t be gettin old
Any b**ch that gotta issue
Tell her she gon have to meet me

If I blackout issa wrap
You gon be left lonely bleeding
They be hot I’m making moves
It ain’t never been a secret
Damn made the f**kin beat
This s**t is gas hard not to leak it
Hurt my feelings so I robbed him
Told his ass to beat it


He thought he gon steal my heart
Then try to act like he don’t mean it
I ain’t crazy not my fault
You be givin me a reason
Don’t you know karma’s a b**ch
And she gon really make you feel it

Thought I told you once before
You f**kin with a savage
I’m smart invest some extra
From collection off the backend
It’s a b**ch I had to cut off
Lookin back she learned a lesson
Playin stupid when you caught up
No I do not recommend it


Lady XO | 2019

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