KSI & Randolph – Beerus (Lyrics | Video)

Lyrics “Beerus” / KSI & Randolph

Randolph, yeah, yeah

You don’t like me that’s established
Keyboard warrior
Ugly ass catfish
You can never at this
Out here, living that lavish life
You should be embarrassed

Cashin’ the vault so safe to say
Your boy stayed dry on a rainy day
World flow, we set the stage
World to wide b**ches say my name

Coming at me with the stamina
This ain’t for amateurs
Waiting for hours and hours
To shine on the camera
Still got you powerless
Life is a b**ch but she look like an hour glass

Got no time for this s**t
Doubling down because I’m tryna get rich
And I’m tryna take it to another level
Got a hundred bags full of hundred bezels
I’m a f**kin’ werewolf I shoot first
Carry the game cuz’ the shoes hurt
Put it all on my back whitin the ..

It make it rain till it’s three in the morn’
From dirt to rock to private planes
Home studios to live on stage
And ain’t nothin’ changed
We’ve been goin’ in since day

Loyalty pays
You’ve been waiting for that royalty ways
It’s never gonna come, is it
Like your girl, don’t need her digits
Imma show her what a real man like
Plenty comments when we fly
No empty bottles they all night
But this life it’s ride or die

Young winner come fear us
I’m a god like Beerus
Made my mood like over Mars
Nobody comin’ near us versuri.online
Ain’t no limit where we’re goin’ now
I got women, lemme show her now…

➤ Written by KSI & Randolph
Instrumentals & Mix: Zeeshan
Produced by Konstantin
KSI & Randolph 2018

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