Kodak Black – Transgression (Lyrics | Video)

Lyrics “Transgression” by Kodak Black

Tired, glee, gleeful
This how you step, right here, look

I be slidin’ ’round with my firearm, I gotta keep a weapon
I be ridin’ ’round everywhere, I dare one of y’all lil’ n**gas to test me
I keep on drivin’ ’round, got me goin’ through all these transgressions
Shootin’ n**gas and foolin’ ’round, won’t let me see my blessin’..②

I did everything the streets told me was cool to do
Now I’d rather prove it to myself before I prove to you
I never tell, put me in jail, put me in any dorm versuri.online
And I can make it through whatever, I’ll weather any storm

Say park the Wraith outside the prison when I EOS
My mama told me ’bout you n**gas, I swear she know best
My b**ch did a whole bid with me, that’s my baby
Not showin’ off, I blowed up, she ’bout to have my baby
I swear it feel like yesterday, I was just in the county
When me and Snake was talkin’ ’bout how we was in the projects
When we was on the ugly corner, we were poppin’ Molly
How we be bootin’ up on n**gas when they actin’ rowdy

Sniper Gang, I hate how I can’t have my n**gas ’round me
We love each other so much our energies just keep collidin’
We down to suit up any moment, we be too excited
And free Lil Cool, it’s been a minute since we reunited

My n**ga Pee just caught a body and he still fightin’ it
I hate I fell in love with thuggin’, I give my mama anxiety
I love Lil DJ like a brother, you play with him, I’ll kill you
Lil’ Jackboy shoulda just been my brother, I swear I love that n**ga

I don’t even need your love no more, I got a little heart
I do my own time, I don’t need no n**ga to take no charge
I couldn’t even get a letter from you and that was your gun
You ain’t send me nothin’ or ask no boy, How your lil’ brother doin’…

➤ Written by Russel Popchop, Ian McKee, Derek Garcia & Kodak Black
Album: Dying to Live
Produced by Gaitan, McKee & Dyryk
Kodak Black 2019

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