Knocked Loose – Everything is Quiet Now Lyrics | Video

Lyrics Everything is Quiet Now – Knocked Loose

If I were god I’d blind the youth
The gnawing weight of our final night
To all the pain that hides in truth
Unwilling I have been fed to life

Bellowing for just a crumb
Static in the constant hum
To drink from life’s flowing stream

Upon loss
Upon loss were reminded of hell
Existence of pain and free will
Denial a cancer that eats at the shell
Lost forever
Upon loss
Lives denial
Upon loss
How can I move on now

Are you washed in the blood
It sinks in its teeth
It comes for us all
Are you washed in the blood
It comes for me in the dead of night

In the dead of night
I was visited by death again
Upon loss
Everything is quiet now…

➤ Written by Bryan Garris, Isaac Hale, Kevin Pacsun Kaine, Kevin Otten & Nickolas Calderon
Produced by Drew Fulk
Knocked Loose | 2023

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