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Lyrics Scientists & Engineers – Killer Mike ft. Future, Andre 3000, Eryn Allen Kane

Standin’ in the rain
Washin’ all my sins
And the streets ain’t the same
Spin one time, then spin again
Go make love to an angel
While the devil in my head

Communication comin’ in
Too much that I can’t communicate with all of them
I do wish I had scientist or engineer friends
Let’s go, get out of here
Petrol is cheaper than it’s ever been

And then, who’s to say when all would end
All I know is when the portrait painted
Better have your portion of the rent
A dollar more and you will get upgraded
When you’ve think you’ve made it, you are then
Just tolerated, overrated
Hope I’m eighty when I get my second wind
Small potatoes all I ate before potato
Chips would cut my corner lips

Operator, operator
I will pray that you connect me to a sip
Of sangria, Zambia, camera cameo
Hand me a handful of hips
A stamina stampede of happily happenings
Dabblin’ into obliv..
..ion, neon, be on the ambiance
Beyond as you promised that you would live

Do summers ever forget
Pajamas, feel like a kid
Cucumber will make her drip
Do jump on her, hit a split
Hookahs don’t really do sh!t
Duke Ellington in this b!tch
Rebelling is like an itch, oh

I’ma, I’ma live forever

Yeah, diamonds shaped like a tear drop
I got the streets in a headlock
Fly, just like a skydiver
Spirit, I can get your man slaughtered
Suicide door on the Range Rover
Dependin’ on the time I was layin’ up
I could’ve been wearin’ an animal
Pull up and get at you in a Lambo

When it gets hard, n**ga took a gamble
Tryna avoid cameras, breakin’ my heart tryin’ to avoid cameras
I keep sh!t loaded like a bando
Learned how to turn a trap house to a ranch, yeah
Watched me watch the world take my pain and balance it
It’s better to be an outcast in a world of envious
White socks, FILA flip flops, Chanel vintage ’til infinity

I’ma live, I’ma live forever

Music, computers and robbers and looters
And looters with shooters, and shooters with Rugers
And shooters with Rugers, CDs with my tooters
And my tutors taught me a terrible miracle
You can lie, cheat and still kill in America
Be celebrated like Captain America
F**k it, I’m with it, let’s get it
This n**ga and niggress and Bentley valetin’ in Lenox

Man, I’m a villain with children’
So I’m never chillin’, I gotta make millions
I used to be dope with the dealin’, but that got a ceilin’
And we know the usual endin’
N**gas get rich and go b!tch, and go fail and go snitch
And then f**k up they family and friends
Me, I go to Germany, earn me a couple of millions
Return with a couple of Benzes

Or go to Brazil and just kick it and chill
‘Til I’m over the hill and still f**kin’ on women
The world got no mercy, so I had to show ’em
Like Percy with me, it just can’t be no limit
A hundred percentage authentic
See I got no gimmicks, so I ain’t protectin’ no image
My style original, pivotal, it’s goin’ digital
N**gas you like is a mimic

I’m a menace that’s movin’ on vengeance
I promise my opp that my anger is endless
It ain’t enough that I took out my opp and his block
We burned down his whole f**kin’ village
Did it with smile, not a grimace
It was my pleasure to see that this f**k n**ga finished
You get offended, then f**k it, my n**ga
I’m with it, I’m hittin’, let’s get this sh!t in it

Back of the club, the immaculate thug
With bottles of bub’ and some asses to rub
Look at me b!tch, look at me, look at me b!tch
Look at the crook in me b!tch
Look at me hit you with crooked D
Now I got you walkin’ crookedly
They should be bookin’ me
They should be bookin’ me, know that they won’t
I am Theolonius Monk in a donk

Kickin’ that jazz, collectin’ my bag
I’m talkin’ milli’, ain’t talkin’ Vanilli
Had to get that hatin’ n**ga from near me
I do not move like a regular Joe
I am not moved by no regular hoe
I do not wish for no regular life
I did not marry a regular wife
You think that I’m losin’, you smokin’ a pipe

I’ma live, I’ma live forever
They don’t make ’em like this anymore
I’ma live, I’ma live forever
Flossin’ some security

Standin’ in the rain
Washin’ all my sins
And the streets ain’t the same
Spin one time, then spin again
Go make love to an angel
While the devil in my head
I’ma live, I’ma live forever
I’ma live, I’ma live forever…

➤ Written by André 3000, No I.D., James Blake, Tim Moore, Killer Mike & DJ Paul
Produced by No I.D., James Blake, André 3000, DJ Paul & Twhy Exclusive
Killer Mike | Future | André 3000 | Eryn Allen Kane | 2023

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