Key Glock – Son Of A Gun Lyrics | Official Video

Key Glock – Son Of A Gun Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, I’m a nineties baby, lately, I been goin’ crazy
I been goin’ crazy lately, I been goin’ crazy, crazy
Yeah, I been goin’ crazy, crazy
Yeah, yeah

I’ve been gettin’ paper, paper
Made a whole M without a motherf**kin’ major label, yeah
They like, Glock, you major
I just set a new set of fours on a new Mercedes, uh

B**ches tryna have my baby
I can’t go out like that, baby, no way, uh
Big watch, big clock, Flava Flav
Got all these b**ches feelin’ my feng shui
All these b**ches feelin’ my feng shui
I be fresh to death, they tryna put me on a runway, yeah
And I still remember those days
I couldn’t wait to go to school just to show off my new J’s

Young n**ga hardhead, f**k what you say, uh
Push up on ’em, made him skate like Lupe
And I got them thangs on me like Hussein
Paper Route the gang, yeah, we the new wave

Uh, and I just bought a new chain
Matter fact, two chains, young n**ga too paid
Uh, yeah, young n**ga insane
We was takin’ s**t before we eνer heard of Boonk Gang

Yeah, yeah, I’m higher than two planes
You n**gas drinkin’ fake drank
Man, you n**gas too lame, uh
Ayy, man, you n**gas too lame

Yeah, yeah, lame as f**k
N**ga play with us, what Aim and bust
Yeah, chopper ate him up
Slam dunk your b**ch, ain’t no layin’ up
I run up that bag, ain’t no waitin’ up
Ayy, uh, remember I was weighin’ up
Yeah, b**ch, I’m the s**t and I came from nothin’
Told my mama that a change gon’ come

Yeah, yeah, straight out the slums
When I got my first backend
Spent the half on guns
Rest in peace to my grandma
Yeah, she raised a don, uh, uh, yeah
And shout out to my mama
I’m a son of a gun, n**ga…

➤ Written by Key Glock
Album: Son of a Gun
Produced by BandPlay
Key Glock | 2020