Key Glock – Crazy (Official Music Video)

Lyrics “Crazy” by Key Glock

I start up my day, with a kush blunt to the face, uh
Hop up in the AMG, do you wanna race Uh
Ridin’ paper plates but I got expensive taste, yeah
I’m a walkin’ bank (Bank), b**ch, I get it every day

Pull up in a tank, yeah, hop out with the gang, yeah
My watch look like rain, yeah, snowflakes in my chain
Money keep me sane, uh, go out like I came, yeah
And that’s with a bang, ooh, b**ch, you know my name, yeah

This s**t crazy
Crazy, this s**t crazy, this s**t crazy
This s**t gettin’ crazy
This s**t is crazy
This s**t is crazy, s**t crazy, s**t crazy, yeah
This s**t gettin’ brazy

Gettin’ too much paper, yeah
Yeah b**ch I’m up, you know what’s up, no elevator
This s**t gettin’ major, uh
This s**t gettin’ major
Shooters in the Escalade, they escalate you
Yeah, b**ch, I’m a smooth operator
And I act a fool with the tool like Terminator

I turn down a stripper, then go turn up with a waiter
And pulled up on Flippa, smokin’ on a blunt of killer
I got money money in my call log
Big racks on me, pockets stuffed, my pants fall, uh
You can’t get nothin’ from me, honey, go’n on
Please leave me alone, get up off my ding dong, uh

This b**ch is crazy, this b**ch is crazy
Crazy, this s**t crazy, this s**t crazy
This s**t gettin’ crazy, this s**t is brazy
This s**t is crazy, s**t is crazy, this s**t is crazy, uh
This s**t gettin’ brazy…

➤ Written by Da Honorable C.N.O.T.E. & Key Glock
Album: Glockoma
Produced by Da Honorable C.N.O.T.E.
Key Glock 2019

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