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Lyrics Yes Lawd – Kevin Gates

I can’t never go to jail
‘Cause I’m diplomatic with status
M&M’s been comin’ in
Like they press and print at the factory
Used to be sackin’ sacks
Of the grass in between my classes
Tryna stretch a bag of bag
‘Cause my fingertips done got ashy

You can stuff the corners with cabbage
And burn the tips of the plastic
Saran wrappin’ zips in the kitchen
Making a sandwich
Carolina Street, I’m active
I’m posted, controllin’ traffic
Trap dreamin’, lean, I’m pourin’
While wheelin’ foreigns on campus


How could life be boring
Got foreign s**t on my mattress
Cameras on my farm
My children play with alpacas
Relationships get torn
In case you’ve been misinformed
Once upon a time
My self-esteem wasn’t on

Fat women I would charm
Drop deek on ’em, whip they cars
Hide the pack inside they homes
In they names, activate phones
Straight up, I got strong
Bless the child who hold his own
B-O-N, big ol’ n**ga
Talk to me, you watch your tone

Pockets was out of pocket
But nowadays I’ve been clockin’
Garage like Enterprises
It’s safe to say I got options
Relationship had a heartbreak
Nowadays a big driver
Took myself out, went shoppin’
And then I forgot about it

Everything in perspective
I know I’m special, got power
Anybody in my presence
Respectin’ how I be rockin’
Any attitude, the Uber
Maneuver you from around me
I don’t need nobody
Please leave me just how you found me


Tan sweats and white tees
How I be when I’m lounging
Your b**ch kinda like me
Keep away ‘fore I pound her
Watch her add the icing
On the stove baking brownies
I could break a brick down
Turn a b**ch into ounces

Watchin’ on the camera
Trappin’ inside of houses
Safe to pin a nick down
Trappin’ from off the couches
Watch how I put my wrist down
Jumpin’ back, got it bouncin’
Shawty gettin’ deeked down
Plot but receiving caution, yeah

Yes Lawd, yes Lawd, yes Lawd, yes
Y-y-yes Lawd, yes Lawd, yes Lawd, yes
Y-y-yes Lawd, yes Lawd, yes Lawd, yes Lawd
Yes Lawd, yes, y-y-yes Lawd, yes..②

Beaucoup rubber band getter
Only rapping what I live out
Me and a transgender on my hip
She got her deek out
Not into superstition
I don’t listen what I hear ’bout
They talkin’ in subliminal
She tryna make me click out

Pull up by your chick house
Turn it to a click house
Catch you at the club
Punch it out and whip the stick out
God, protect me from my friends
I know he tryna get me smashed
Throwin’ crosses bad behind my back
He tryna bust my ass

Necklace glisten, hustled hard for this
I had to bust my ass
Hurt to tell my children
What they uncle tryna do they dad
Presenting outside business to my b**ch
He tryna hurt my swag
Never thought this s**t’d get like this
I’m ’bout to work my bag

Skrrtin’ Jags, test-driving Teslas
Purchase shirts from Saks
Birkin bags, that was just a purse
I got a worthless ex
For certain that, not tryna
Let me f**k then what you smirkin’ at
Disperse from that, killers burstin’ straps
They heard our murder raps

Servin’ crack with addicts
And police is out here lurkin’ at
Slow beat for sure, the rabbit always lose
I think the turtle fast
Bale, I love the smell, use your head
I’m ’bout to catch a sale
N**gas know I’m yeah with the yeah
You could check the belt

Section where they pump rocks
Rifle with the bump stock
Brand new box of baking soda
Shakin’ all the clumps out
Chastisin’ gremlins with the glizzy
With the switch on him
Brasi handlin’ business
Now it’s women tryna kiss on him

But back when he wasn’t havin’
Looked at him like he had s**t on him
Diamonds go to dancing
Would you look at all that s**t on him
I be out in public
Moving solo with that poker face
Say he want my head, b**ch
It ain’t difficult to know this Gates

He know he ain’t that
So he go places where he know it’s safe
I run up a tab then go blow a bunch of racks away
I go on the ave then go throw a bunch of slabs away
Junkies on my ass, caught a blast
All they know is Gates

Yes Lawd, yes Lawd, yes Lawd, yes
Y-y-yes Lawd, yes Lawd, yes Lawd, yes
Y-y-yes Lawd, yes Lawd, yes Lawd, yes Lawd
Yes Lawd, yes, y-y-yes Lawd, yes..②…

➤ Written by Kevin Gates & Pancho
Album: Only The Generals Part II
Produced by Pancho
Kevin Gates | 2021

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