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Lyrics Send That Load – Kevin Gates

Now we share a mutual friend
My big sister from Mayagüez
She used to look after the kids
Fell in love first day we met
From Heaven it must’ve been sent

The look in my eyes’ll tell her no lies
She knowin’ I’m still with the s**ts
Into supplyin’, but I keep it quiet
She knowin’ I’m still in the mix
I been on the grind, I got a new line
I’m thinkin’ of goin’ legit
She takin’ a lick and then whippin’
That iron, she in there holdin’ the clips


A lot of the s**t that I used to be tryin’
She had me goin’ against
We into fitness, a new way of livin’
And we ’bout to go in the gym
I got her excited and she go to smilin’
And we ’bout to go on a trip
And I cannot wait for to get her in private
She already know what it is

I’ma massage her and give her a shower
Takin’ control of her wrists
Lick her erotic, lil’ grip on her body
And then go to throw on the deek
The face she makin’ when lookin’ at gangsta
Already know what she did
I think it’s sexy when she get aggressive
She like to be choked when she kiss

She lay on her side
When I’m givin’ her blocka
It’s ’bout to go in her ribs
And when I stroke in slow motion
She let me know that it’s real

She let me know that it’s real
This time we’ll make more love
You just beautiful for no reason
This night was made for us


Now I’m puttin’ deek on her spine
I’m pullin’ her hair while I hit from the back
I’m in there takin’ my time
And all of the angels, they would agree
That you was meant to be mine
I feel stupid even explainin’ this
To somebody ’cause it’s not physical, it’s spiritual

Now I pay attention to signs
Knowin’ that we got soul ties
And this was more than a vibe
I can agree that most times you
I was hopin’ to find
Dealin’ with low vibrations
Takin’ over my mind
Cut off my h*es to save my soul
Call, ignore, decline

You just leave me alone
I’m about to lay with my wife though

She love when I rub on her feet
Bite her lil’ booty, she tooted
I spread her lil’ cheeks and I lick in between
A lot of you listenin’ right now
Might not know what I mean
I’m tryna take all of my tongue
And I’m stickin’ it dead in her hole

She squirt in my face when I’m grippin’ her waist
I’m knowin’ I’m touchin’ her soul
No yoga posin’ when she bendin’ over
But she in there touchin’ her toes
She call me Cartel Bo
And I’m ’bout to send her that load
Cartel Bo and I’m ’bout to send her that load

This night was made for us
I’m ’bout to send her that load
She call me Cartel Bo
And I’m ’bout to send her that load
This time we’ll make more love

I say I want your body
I want your body
I really want your body
I need you right now
Come through
Come thru, let me love on all your body right now
I need it right now…

➤ Written by Kevin Gates, Section 8, Frankie Bash & Bak
Album: Only The Generals Part II
Produced by Section 8, Frankie Bash & Bak
Kevin Gates | 2021

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