Kasbo feat. Cheney – Call (Official Video)

Kasbo feat. Cheney performing Call (Official Video 2017) 

Versuri (lyrics): Call 

Don’t you wanna kiss me 
Ima put you on 
All the silly girls you play 
Ain’t on the level I’m on 
Ima do it different 
And show you what you like 
Call me an investment 
You’ll be satisfied for life 

I can and I will
Take you places where you’ll never go
I can and I will
Keep going until you explode
I can and I will
Get your addicted to my every touch

Won’t you say my name
Say me from your mouth
Won’t you say my name
Tell me from your lips

Won’t you say my name baby

Don’t get it twisted
Or look at me with those eyes
Do what your told and undress
I’m about to change your life
I know I’m not a princess
I’m a queen in my own right
So it’s within your interests to satisfy me right

As soon as I get hold of you
There will be nothing you can do
To stop you screaming out my name
Don’t ask the lord you can’t be saved
Cause when I got you in my clutch
Swear enduring to my touch
Gonna make you say my name…

➤ Ultra Music 2017