Kaivon feat. Pauline Herr – Touch (Lyrics | Video)

Lyrics “Touch” by Kaivon feat. Pauline Herr

Been trying to make this work for us
When we know our love has turned to dust
This feelings one we’ve gotta trust
Don’t wanna lose it all
But good things they fall sometimes

What are we still doing here
Pushing ourselves through another year
Losing all our colors
Can’t seem to make any others

It’s been so long this time we shared
It’s been too long since you still cared about me

What are we still doing here
Has this all been out of some kind of fear
Of losing all the color we once held near

It was so strong the love we shared
But now we just don’t care
Ohh.. haaaah…

➤ Kaivon & Pauline Herr 2018

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