K.A.A.N. – Rest Easy (Mac Miller Tribute)

Lyrics “Rest Easy” / K.A.A.N.

I haven’t written
I haven’t written anything in a minute
Uh aah

My best thoughts lie in my lowest moments
Deep pots show but with oministic omens
I’m owning these rhyme schemes
‘Bout as bright as a high beam
I’m walking a tight rope and running a rat race
But coming in last place
Could tell you how that feel
The epitome of a congratulatory ribbon ..

Isolate a n**ga, second to none
Wandering, looking for purpose
I’m lost, I know that for certain
Now take a look behind the curtain
Before .. I never beat the odds
I do believe in god
I’ve been around the block
I took a couple steps
I couldn’t keep the pace

Border my post traumatic stress
That’s just manic depression
Can’t pull myself out of this hole
That I was f**king left in
My mind is a land filled of landmines
Watch where you’re stepping
Wishing that sanity
Would intervene or f**king step in

You know, like pull me back when I’m regressing
27 years old, I still make the same mistakes as an adolescence
I’m brain dead, half the time I’m just a ..
Coughing and stressing from the pressure
‘Bout to light the essence
I live in hell, it’s hard to tell
This weed is heavenscented
So f**k a lexapro, this indica is antidepressant

Nonselective, narcoleptic, narcissistic, non objective
Been subjected to the old convictions
F**k an intervention versuri.online
Interjecting with some interesting introspective thoughts
That I think allow to think them too
I’m heavenbound and demonproof

Must’ve been something in that water I was baptized in
I feel more then fatigued
I feel more then free, Rest In Peace
My final ride like why the f**k you keep adjusting my seat
I’m well aware the thoughts and speech become reality
Reactions to our energy, it’s significant in the scheme
A dirty soul with rotten knees
The outcome ain’t clean

N**ga, the pessimistic s**t, this sick, it’s HIV
Can have you on your deathbed with cold sheets and no pillow
Silly .. they trying to fix your posture for you ..
Pop your cord to meet the lord
The list of sins you pay ’em for
It’s more than you can afford

But hopefully the pasture is green
And it’s everything they described to us
Books written by men with sins
I hope they didn’t lie to us

Rest easy…

K.A.A.N. 2018

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