K-Trap & Headie One – Daily Duppy (Catfish) Lyrics

Lyrics Daily Duppy (Catfish) – K-Trap & Headie One

Yo, catfish gang get slapped
You thought you was gettin’ the nyash
Hate when I talk and they ain’t gettin’ the facts
Things popped up, I bought them
I really done balldog four long
GLE twelves or scorpions
The K really make sh!t awkward

Shouts to the mandem
You ever sat down and plan dem
Ain’t got safe, don’t tamper
N**gas gettin’ bined for banter
Watch out for the camera
Tryna send him right up like he’s tryna go sushisamba

Extended clip, it’s a ladder, I’m with a bad one
And she just wants to top it and feel the chain
Said all men’s the same
I’m lookin’ at the Lugers, nines and I feel the same
Bro got got, and he’s out tryna do them worse
Let ’em feel his pain
Go with the shiesty, they won’t know who to blame

All I know if an opp gets got, then we celebrate
Somethin’ got hit with a-, who’s sellin’ plates
Clip on the side, gotta lace these trainer separate
Came through the entrance, gave him an exit
That was on the A, but it’s E for effort

Turn, turn, turn
Told me turn
They told me turn

This 40’s rusty, but it beats crazy
Now the wap’s a catfish
My boy got touched, gotta turn team GB
But he ain’t doin’ long jump or javelin
Got new hand ting, boots with the laces thick
Comin’ like Lanvins
If I traded these forties, treys and Glocks
Could’ve got a new crib for gang’nem

Had a Nokia, tryna do numbers
Before a mixtape or tracklist
Wads in a carrier bag, no elastic
Ever come back for the re
Bro’s lig’ with blood on the bumper
Danglin’ ’cause the beef’s life and active
Now we eat pilau rice and fish, ain’t it different
Bro see me do backhand grip
Now you wanna wave it different
Burberry show, I see Chlöe Bailey
But the Old Bailey’s different
Young Gs stubborn
Wanna put the same old key in the same ignition
Came in the scene, hand ting comin’ like a referee
When it’s playin’, it’s whistlin’

This bad B Hispanic
I love it when she moan in Spanish
She got wet seein’ all this ice in her boat
Now she tryna go down, Titanic
If it was up to bro
He would pattern up work all over the atlas
Dinner table takin’ wappers
I told him Have some manners

Turn, turn, turn
Told me turn
They told me turn

➤ Written by K-Trap, Headie One & M1OnTheBeat
Produced by M1OnTheBeat
K-Trap | Headie One | 2023

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