K.A.A.N. – Kyukei (Music Audio)

Lyrics “Kyukei” by K.A.A.N.

I feel like I’m in this b**ch, what
I feel like I’m in the zone, bruh
I feel like the kid done told you
Showed you more then twice
As lightning strike the whip in silence

Step aside, I feel like I’m in some matrix
Pop both pills tryna find my maker
The red and blue, it brought me to the truth
I tripped a couple days, I spoke to my creator
Came to calm my conscience, that’s divine intervention
I know he got me, that’s some real intuition
I’m still stressing , tryna deal with my issues

Like, put it to the side when I ride by
Said I’m so high like a skydive
Looking at the ground when I reflect
Murder any beat, it’s a reflex
Could go deep but I digress
My depths make ’em high step like a heisman
My sixteen says scenes look like ..
Seen nothing, you seen sign I see resound and siren

It’s not that dope, the f**k you mean
Then I found a couple bodies in a shallow ravine
And you left your fingerprints on ’em
They know you did it, it’s definitely a go on three, on three
Said is you ready, no you wasn’t
Man they buggin’, why they think they buzzin’
Couldn’t fly away they said they even wanted
I’m a fly on the wall, I been peepin’ everything behind the scenes
Like VH1, you played out like a VHS

Cut that tape, cut that cheque, cut out the covenant
Covered in fallacies, don’t it feel comforting
Concrete the contents, that conquest
I conquer and cannot confuse what I do
With the average s**t

I don’t even wanna ball them I’ll pass that s**t
I don’t even wanna skrrt, I’m a passenger
Nowadays they taking shots at the messenger
Shoot at me, I’m going out like John Dillinger
Make a massive mess and massacre
And these n**gas suck like they first name is Monica
Lead by example, they all finna follow you
I paint the canvas with beautiful colors, bruh

I’m making all this abstracting seem cumbersome
You pay attention, b**ch, don’t be so cumbersome
I’m in and out of these lines like an ampersand
I gotta get up and go just like, ándale
Y’all gotta find me a way, it’s important man
Never compete with these n**gas, I do not care
Never forget what I did, what I overcame
I’mma do me while they all overcompensate

I’m just focused, trying to stay in a separate lane
Said these n**gas act up
Order some actors
Better yet actresses
Talking that loud s**t
Knowing damn well they surf on the mattresses
We don’t allow it
I’m off in the flowers
Keep it from grounding bruh…

➤ Produced by ORBT
Album: Paradise / Lost
K.A.A.N. 2018

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