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Lyrics Bliss – K.A.A.N.

One, two, three, uh, go..
I get high with all my friends
I hope we make it to the end
‘Cause life gets crazy, but it’s amazing
I wouldn’t change a thing for the world

And if I die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take
And they can’t break me
Yeah those can’t shake me
I feel myself floating away, away, away
I feel myself floating away, away, away
I feel myself floating away

To live and die
To be or not to be
The unfulfilled prophecy
Seedy snakes wither from hypocrisy
Desensitized to destruction, we see it constantly
I got more common sense than Chi-town emcees

I need another blunt and a moment so I can breathe
It’s the return of the n**ga that is eternally free
See, I used to question life ’til I accepted this existence
Consistently persistent, this mission has got me distant

On my Shawshank Redemption, breaking out this mental prison
I’m just tryna crack the code and encrypted key of this system
I’m fighting like Sonny Liston, to win the battle
I used to wanna save the world ’til I realized it don’t even matter

Ah, sex, money, murder and drugs
Shall we partake for recreation all of the above
Well heavens sakes it’s safe to say my brain is going numb
Is it the overstimulation, is it the constant desertation
Is it the lack of concentration, is it the daily isolation
Is it the non-communication, is it the f**king population ahh
Used to look at life as a tragedy, until I learned this is what it has to be, uuh

Some would say it’s more important to be informed rather than to form an opinion
For there’s beauty in the unknown and the unexpected
Those that live by their thoughts end up trapped and lost
but those who live by their hearts are free and hopeful
I suppose ignorance is bliss

➤ Written by K.A.A.N. & Deeacebeats
Album: Ignorance Is Bliss
Produced by K.A.A.N. & Deeacebeats
K.A.A.N. | 2023

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