Julia Westlin – Feel Now Lyrics | 2019

Lyrics “Feel Now” – Julia Westlin

Tell me your heart’s full of stories inside
Tell them tonight
Swallow them swords, hands upon your denial
But it doesn’t matter now

Beyond you below you
There’s so much more
Where it comes, where it goes
Where it lands, it lands upon you
Can you feel now, can you feel now

Over the countless of times we’ve tried
I can’t believe you
Arms of desire, it’s all I can have
Dungeons in dungeons in dungeons inside
Can you feel now, can you feel now
Can you feel now, mmmh

Ask me to lie
How much more can you take
What I would give, to not be afraid
Endless of choices and what to decide
Giving me up, or leave you behind

Can you feel now..③

Far through the distance
I know you can hear me clearly
Coming up closer I know you can see me clearly
I don’t know why I keep on, keep on trying
Be nobody’s second, be nobody’s silence…

➤ Written by Julia Westlin
Produced by Julia Westlin & David MeShow
Julia Westlin | 2019