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Lyrics 1995 – Juicy J feat. Logic

Play me some pimpin’, man, yeah
Higher than a motherf**ker, dawg
What’s up with Logic, what’s good, man
Hey, hey, hey, yeah, yeah, we blessed

Yeah, yeah, whippin’ through West Dale park
Lookin’ for scandalous shorties, only come out after dark
Hit the homie Slaydro for some s**t we could spark
Skippin’ school, feelin’ cool, we did not give a f**k
Huh, was never one for the academics
But knew the everyday struggle
Avada Kedarva to all you muggles


My lane different, too sufficient, my brain different
I’m ill though, fifteen, mastered the skill, though
Since I was working at the supermarket
Every week, another new department
‘Til I signed my deal with Def Jam in a new apartment
Always wanna change with the times
Number one best seller on the New York Times
But my childhood was riddled with crime
Widdled the rhyme, now I shine

I’m Tarantino in his prime, I’m jewels with the Jerry curl
I’m nothin’ without rap like the swine without the pearl
I’m dirty like f**kin’ your girl just .. you, I’ma cum in your girl
Thought you was gonna make it as a rapper with no Plan B
I’m so successful, most people can’t stand me
Only thing I don’t have is a f**kin’ Grammy

Yeah, but you know that boy nominated
Go ultra to vulture and watch me dominate it
Catch me whippin’ through the ‘Basas in that Bronco
Logic go blanco, huh
Bumpin’ that pretty Flacko
Rat pack come hither, wherever I go
Just a youngin’ on his comeup tryna make it

To the baddest b**ch in the world tannin’ by my pool naked
So to the youngin’ on his come-up listening, boy, you could make it
Whippin’ through Gathensburg, whippin’ through West Deer
Whippin’ through Germantown, whippin’ through Rockville
Whippin’ through, whippin’ through
Whippin’, whippin’, wh-whippin’


Whippin’ through north Memphis back in nineteen-ninety-five
Screamin’, mafia had my city hypnotized
Go stream, thirty thousand feet up in the sky
Dabbin’ off her titties, goddamn, time flies..②

Young n**gas, we was gettin’ paid
Runnin’ the game like arcade
Lil’ n**ga, Juicy been made
F**kin’ your mama back stage
I was getting mine in the streets
some of y’all never came outside
And I’m still spinnin’ paper back from nineteen-ninety-five…

➤ Written by Logic & Juicy J
Album: The Hustle Continues
Juicy J | Logic | 2020

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