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Lyrics Snitch – Joyner Lucas

Snitch, Snitch..②

This your motherf**kin’ conscience
N**ga don’t even do it
Don’t start actin’ like a b**ch
‘Cause you forgot where you goin’
You made choices that done put you here
And now you just ruined
And I don’t care ’bout why you did it
Or who got you influenced


Nah, don’t listen to that n**ga
That ain’t good advice
If you cooperate
Then it’s your chance to save your life
Just tell ’em what they wanna know
And you won’t pay the price
Some would call it snitchin’
But for me I call it make it right

Man f**k that make it right s**t
You gotta sit, do your bid
You should’ve thought about this s**t
Before you did what you did
Give a f**k about your family
Or your b**ch or your kids
You either gon’ respect the code
Or your gon’ get what you give

Who gives a f**k about the codes
No one follow codes
We both know that jail
Ain’t the place you wanna go
Somebody f**kin’ on your b**ch
You tryna call her phone
If I was you I’d tell them boys
Everything they wanna know

Psssh, okay, let’s think about this
Let’s embrace it
Let’s make an illustration
Let’s say you switch up with it
And b**ch up and make a statement
Now n**gas in jail, that n**ga ain’t tellin’
Had no snitch temptations
Now you might be free but you might killed
For givin’ up information
And if you don’t get killed then that’s a wrap
Everybody gon’ know you as a rat
Won’t get no respect for the rest of your life
Nobody will know you after that


You might just run but you never could hide
How long you hopin’ that’ll last
Before they catch you slippin’ and give you somethin’
That you know you had to have

F**k that, let’s say you keep your mouth shut
And take the blame for it
Now you need money on your books
Ain’t no one payin’ for it
No visitations or no letters
You’ve been waitin’ for
That p**sy you’ve been cravin’ for
You may not get laid no more

And all them n**gas
That you call your brothers’ll be ghost
The only one who got you
Is your mother if you close
A bunch of n**gas screamin’ free
You and makin’ posts
No one show up to your trial
N**gas pray that you get smoked

Man, please tell me
You ain’t ’bout to take this suckas advice
Your kids’ll grow up
Knowin’ that you just a sucka for life
Lackin’ morals and integrity
It come with a price
And if you fold then you should know
That we ain’t nothin’ alike

And if you leavin’ here tonight
You better сop a burner
Don’t f**k around and be somebody
Ain’t nobody heard of
Now here’s your choice be a man
Or be somebody murdered
It’s either you can take the stand
Or you’ll be Bobby Shmurda
Free Bobby Shmurda

Snitch.. snitch, snitch..④
What’s up now, n**ga…

➤ Written by Joyner Lucas
Album: Evolution
Joyner Lucas | 2020

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