José Valdes – Solo Vi (Lyrics | Video)

Lyrics “Solo Vi” by José Valdes

English Translation:

I walk again to the sky now that I’m losing myself
And I feel when I look ahead, I have no restraint
Even despite how and when I met you
Your absence is too cold and hard for me, for me

In the dark I trip over and lose all I have
The light shines trough my window but I can’t see it
Sometimes I asked myself how and when I lost you
The days become too cold for me, for me

I only saw that this time
That I don’t see that I play along
To love you and not having you makes me remember
That if I lie in your hands, I walk again
I only saw

You laugh when I fall apart and show what I feel
With your excessive lies you won the game
I would like to show you that I can be without you now
This way you would want to come back to me, back to me

I only saw that this time
That I don’t see that I play along
You feel like a princess, but you are not
You believe you are essential, and you only have
The rest of a love that only a dumb like me could give you…

➤ Music & Lyrics: Ambrogio Crotti, Miguel Kocina Mallo, Manuel Chalud
Album: Amor y Música
José Valdes 2018

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