Johnny Drille feat. Simi – Halleluya | Lyrics

Lyrics “Halleluya” – Johnny Drille feat. Simi

I really like you and it’s true
There is only one, just you
I find it hard to say, I wish you knew
I am on your instagram all day, stalking you

You in my life, its all I’m hoping for
If you go be mine, yeh, now forever more
I wan talk my mind and say how I feel inside
But I fear you won’t, you won’t feel the same for me

Oh if she loves me, Halleluya
If she say she love me, Halleluya
Oh if she loves me, Halleluya
If she say she love me, Halleluya

I see the way he, the way he looks at me
I know the things he, the things he does for me
Boy if I could read your mind, I wonder if I’ll be inside
If you could be mine, I feel like I’ve been drinking wine

If you call me baby, me I no go mind, oh
I know you want me baby, make you talk your mind, oh
You see that I’ve been waiting, me I no go lie, oh
Me I no go lie, maybe I’m just crazy, but

I think he loves me, Halleluya
Oh if he loves me, Halleluya
One day he’ll tell me, Halleluya
I think he loves me, Halleluya

I don dey love you for a long time my girl
You be like say you no know, say I care
I wish you knew what I’m feeling for you darling
You’re so extraordinary and that’s no ordinary thing

You say you love me, Halleluya
My baby loves me, Halleluya
The way you love me, Halleluya
Because you love me, Halleluya..③


➤ Produced by Johnny Drille
Johnny Drille | Simi | 2018

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