Joey Bada$$ feat. Kirk Knight – Gazzliona | Lyrics

Lyrics “Gazzliona” – Joey Bada$$ feat. Kirk Knight

Guess who’s back again
I’m known to make a f*cker lose oxygen
I get sparked off intoxic drops of gin
Wait, stop, drop it in, roll over

Is what I told her, don’t play games, I can’t console her
Hand it over to the Pro like a controller
We overload her ’til she froze up, it was over
The Pros expose her, her ex propose her

They be like, you ain’t that hot, I know
But they still knock my door askin’ ’bout Jay Hova
My witness, label me, not the Cohen
I got the sickness, hit this, get fixed with the quickness, right

Another J, J blow like dynamite
The other day, I was poor, dine I might
Had nothing but a empty appetite
Now I live a crazy emcee rapper life

Big tings ah gwan, top shotta
Kill it every show, rank’s up like Shabba
Mr. Lover flow, hot off the top like lava though
I’m too hot, still skillet the pot

Turn bass metals into gold
They ain’t think alchemy before I go
Yummy, let me wrap up my meat then explode
Who am I, if I only pro

Yeah, yeah
One two, one two..

Yeah, the prime suspect, still the odd one out
I might lose my mind, I might f*ck your spouse
Steal it, go and take it ’cause I need one now
Who am I, keep an eye on, don’t lose count

She said nothin’ lasts forever, keep comin’ back hon
Give me hot propulsion through 150 suns
The image in my mind brings the masterpieces
Make hot feces, I like my plate hot, feast

And my theory is, E.M.V, word to my J
My achilles is livin’ in a world where MC’s is
Mass affected, Poseidon of rap
I can see it all happened with the raps I spawned
Citizen but I guess y’all watch, ..

Give me a glass but I mazel tov
And one balled too hard, such a star
The energy I give off I run conEd
Still money in whatever wall it’s in
It’s hard to sin, with my contract, it’s hard to sin
So who am I to shock therapy
Phonetic, panic, dangerous, show-off, act static…

➤ Produced by Kirk Knight
Joey Bada$$ & Kirk Knight 2017

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