Joell Ortiz feat. Fred the Godson – Talk Dat (Lyrics)

Lyrics “Talk Dat” by Joell Ortiz feat. Fred the Godson

I’m here in New York back
Daddy say New York back
Yeah I’m hearing that talk
Ight Joell talk dat

Black Polo G40 tucked where the horse at
If you was in my shoes you take ’em off where I walk at

Caught dat, for your wife to call a coroner
US citizen bet we still put four far enough

I just put more in the floor of my new corridor
Move birds fast hurry cane like Florida

We still at the border the Trump wall wasn’t sent
Still movin’ clean water ta stamp safe for Flint
Shorty on me now but the scale is lit
Ironic how I get these buns afta I sell a bit

They hella sick, I drive a whip you should neva tint
I ain’t doors move on up like The Jeffersons
I know that gotta make your chest wheezy

If I knew what I knew now Joe I’d a did ’em greasy

Hold up, ain’t new now like a wave grease

Yea these bums fry food in the same grease
I just left Santorini we don’t do the same Greece
Y’all just sit around playin’ I be on plane seats

New York rap
Word, this New York rap
Yea I’m hearin’ that talk
Ight Gordo talk dat

Think I’m just bars leave you all wet
I’ll let it ring on stage like Karndean offset
Who’s the whip connection called Flex
I deserve a new muscle car, I’ma hard Corvette
Still have for next got anybody say like a corset
I just left a telly got your broad sweat
Drippin’ on my drawers man her poor neck
Hole full of quarters she took balls I was all mad…

➤ Produced by Jujuinperson
WorldstarHipHop 2017

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