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JayteKz – Dead Floor 7 Lyrics

Have mercy on my enemies
For they don’t know any better
Have mercy on their soul
For when they meet the heavenly divine

You’ve been warned motherf**ker I advise you run away
Know you snitching undercover and you’re sweet like funnel cakes
I ain’t worried ’bout you pu**ies give a f**k ’bout what you claim
Heard your gang wanted to cook me b**ch I’m brought up in the flames


Who gonna’ stop me
I’m itching to merk anybody huh
I’m sippin’ on sakè
And beating the p**sy like Rocky huh
I’m dumping these bodies
Deep into the lake like the mafia
Your girl wanna’ top me
And giνe me some brain like a scholar huh

Excuse my french b**ch but you ain’t getting no respect
I do what the f**k I want and handle life with pure neglect
Said f**k the world I ain’t settling for nothing less
I’m on a chosen path you and I don’t intersect

You see I’m broken and bleeding from all my yesterdays
I’m barely coping and breathing I can’t escape the pain
This path is often misleading so I don’t follow s**t
And love is often deceiving so I don’t trust a b**ch

I’m always walking alone
I feel comfort in the dark and I feel lost in a home
I don’t trust a f**king soul that’s why I walk with the chrome
If you try to take my gold then it’s off with his dome, p**sy


And I won’t say it again
If you threaten my existence I ain’t making amends
All I got here is myself I ain’t making no friends
All I fear God is himself, the holy spirit

➤ Written by JayteKz
Produced by DeathW!sh
JayteKz | 2020

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