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Lyrics Normal – Jamie Grace

If I’m gonna say sorry
I’m gonna say it to myself
You take a lot of hate
From the doubt I manifest

Listening to listeners
Lists makes inhibitions
That did not exist
Until the existence of my listening

Like a mirror or a scale
Is the definition of you
I’m sorry to my body
For what I put you through

Not thanking you for walking with me
When my mind was walking from me
How you carried life inside me
Gave me more joy than pounds could give me

I’m sorry to my soul, I was just a kid
I didn’t realize my profits were helping let you go
The people that I trusted to teaсh me everything
Became professors in the machine that’s anti-original

But I don’t even have to be like anybody else
I know it’s so cliché but I just wanna be myself
I’m sorry for the way I told you normal was a thing
And if you are imperfect then you know just what I mean

Myself and I, we’ve got some growing up to do…

➤ Written by Jamie Grace
Jamie Grace | 2020

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