Ирсон Кудикова – I love you too (Music Video)

Ирсон Кудикова (Irson Kudikova) исполняет песню I love you too (Music Video 2017) 

Текст песни (lyrics): I love you too 

Last time I saw you, you was so attractive
Your eyes your smile
Will gonna see you and kiss, again and again
I miss you babe.. I miss you babe
I miss you babe..

I was thinking about you
I remember every moment
How you said.. you love me
And how I say it.. I love you too
I miss you babe.. I miss you babe…

➤ Автор музыки / слов: Ирина Нусинова
Режиссеры: Кристина Кирия и Ирсон Кудикова
Ирина Нусинова 2017