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Lyrics Writing My Wrongs – Hotboii

She be sayin’ I do
You bring sand to the beach
Ain’t no sand without you
Put these h*es over you
Ain’t no way that I’ll choose
I’ll never do you dirty
But, you be sayin’ I do
And, I be sayin’ I don’t
You be sayin’ I will
And, I be sayin’ I won’t

We ride together
Then we go down as one
‘Bout you, I beef with the world
That’s how we got to come, uh

If I ever break your heart, baby girl, it wasn’t my intent
But, basically, your world be my down ..
Down, b**ch, one day, I can write it, just go sky with it
One day I can do cars and be ..
Okay, you be my Bonnie, I be Clyde then
Don’t play, I hang out the window while she drivin’
We got good chemistry, we don’t need no scientist
Uno, Double O, and since I met her, ten times ten

Hey, she keepin’ .. with me
Jump in a coupe, she be in it with me
Wherever I go, she ride in the street
I’m feelin’ you like I’m feelin’ me
She be wetter than the ocean, I’m the man of the sea
Ain’t need to catch ’bout these feelings
I feel in a lil’ deep, shawty…

➤ Written by Hotboii, 1040 & Danny Got The Juice
Album: Blinded By Death (Deluxe)
Produced by 1040 & DannyGotThatJuice
Hotboii | 2022

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