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Lyrics I Don’t Want – Hotboii

No, I don’t want to love no more
Learned all these h*es just gon’ come and go
All I need is guap when I’m alone
Rather keep my Glock and never trust a soul..②

Can you see me
Yeah, I make a b**ch wonder, Stevie
Is he really getting commas, could he be
Dripped up in designer easy


Ride on a f**k n**ga like cement
Slide on a f**k n**ga like Heelies
I’m totin’ that rod no matter the weather
I keep an umbrella like RiRi, uh
Beefin’ ’bout a b**ch, he lame, he tellin’
F**k the whole gang for some fame, she did it
How the bop b**ch keep sayin’ I’m trippin’
Rock Dolce & Gabbana, no lace, you killin’

In my own lane, V8, no switchin’
This a dirty game, you ain’t playin’ with beginners
Jumped in the water, he say he swimmin’
Smiley8 keep the rod, go fishing

Yeah, n**gas mad at me ’cause they n**gas dead
I don’t give a f**k, I don’t feel ’em, yeah
Put my heart on rocks, got me sippin’ on red
I been gettin’ money, ain’t been gettin’ no rest
I love bein’ out, I just wanna go in
Lately, I been sipping on Henn’
At the top, it get lonely
‘Cause at the top, it ain’t really no friends

No, I don’t want to love no more
Learned all these h*es just gon’ come and go
All I need is guap when I’m alone
Rather keep my Glock and never trust a soul..②


Picture me walking ’round with my hand out
Even when I was on my deeck, I ain’t stand down
I ain’t savin’ no b**ch, I don’t care now
If she wanna be a ho, let her be a ho

When the smoke go up, it get aired out
All they see a n**ga up, they wan’ be here now
When I was on the ground, store was your whereabouts
You don’t even know, n**ga, I don’t even know
Oh, hollows in my clip explode
Three-story house how a n**ga switch floors
Mama know I sip lean, say it’s killin’ me more
Drop deeck on the bean, got her feelin’ me more

How Hot got a Glock everywhere that he go
Five shots, can’t let a n**ga play with me, no
Spray a whole clip, then sit there and reload
Thought his wrongs were his rights
He don’t never see wrong, yeah

Hotboii everywhere
He don’t never be ‘lone
I can go from A to Z
Let ’em shine for a minute
Knew it wouldn’t be long, ayy
Put an end to that s**t real quick
Ayy, we ain’t shop when I was in
Thought you wanted me gone, ayy
S**t, I thought you wanted me gone
Cut the fan on, lady…

➤ Written by Hotboii & Nolinski
Album: Double O Baby
Produced by Nolinski
Hotboii | 2020

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