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Lyrics Salute – Hit-Boy feat. Big Sean & Fivio Foreign

Salute when you see me
That jealousy s**t is a ocean
And you either float or you sinkin’
Moment of truth, credit check, n**ga, you not approved
B.B. King, I’m in love with the blues
Don’t start me up, I got finishing moves

Look, uh, salute when you see me
Slid through all the commotion
It’s breaking news, they gotta air on TV
Poppin’ out on ’em, I’m politicking
Probably in the section where you’re not permitted
N**ga, my hunnids matching, my Dodger fitted
Playing all go, ain’t no stopping in me


Look salute when you see me
I bought her a CC and I wasn’t first
Disgusting what b**ches’ll do for a purse
Disgusting what n**gas’ll do for the clout
I’m one of the realest, the real ones can vouch
They thought I was done but all that s**t out
You gotta play my new s**t in surround

Salute when you see me
Put in the call to the plug
My runner’ll get to you speedy
Still thuggin’ like the days
When they wasn’t hearin’ my CD
Made it out of the trenches
My n**ga, salute when you see me

Yeah, salute when you see me
I’m gettin’ greedy
I blow the whole budget on me
That’s on me, I’m conceited
Treaty nah, that ain’t how we treat it
This right here sound like a three-peat
I put the tip in, it sound like I’m knee-deep
I’m like, Ah, b**ch, you too needy

Me and HB going Juvi’ and B.G
They gotta put my face on a box of Wheaties
I’m prayin’ for wh*ever think that they competin’
Salute when you see me
That’s hardly ever so that’s how you greet me


I’m goin’ TM 101 Jeezy
And plus they got D2 on repeat
I’m with the love of my life for like three weeks
‘Cause that’s all I needed
She wanna go on a trip and retreat but I’m sorry
I never retreated
I set the bar up so high that you might as well leave it
I’m goin’ undefeated
I’ve broken the system, the s**t had to breach it
That’s mission impossible, mission completed, huh

Uh, yeah, salute when you see me on tv
I got the heart of a God and a genie
I want you to love me, I want you to need me
When I shoot at his face, it’s a Fivi’
I gotta give back to the hood
I remember when I was the needy

Clean me up squeaky
She fell in love deeply
Percocet sleepy
They like what I say
They repeat me
Uh, yeah, look
All this money
I’ve been spendin’ on VV’s
Huh, that’s why you gotta
Salute when you see me, lil’ b**ch…

➤ Written by Corbett, Big Sean, Fivio Foreign & Hit-Boy
Produced by Corbett & Hit-Boy
Hit-Boy | Big Sean | Fivio Foreign | 2020

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