HANABIE. – TOUSOU (Run Away) Lyrics | Video

Lyrics (english) TOUSOU (Run Away) – HANABIE.

Emergency, this is an emergency
Hey, you there, stop the car
Emergency is here
The earth itself
Gets down in its most evil form

One, on the run to the north
One, on the run to the south
Two, on the run to the east

Find the perp
Take a flier
Dangerous detectives

Playing ro-ro-ro-ro-robs and robbers
I’ll catch you, OK
The police dog sniffs out
With pride on the line,
They’re busting the much-awaited big shot

Sirens wailing under the sky
They say only look forward, but
Wanted and fleeing
I just roll through
Ditching everything behind

Hey, wait

One, on the run to the north
Two, on the run to the south
Three, on the run to the east

Our homie
Is a talented random shooter
24-hour police

Hey, you there

No more, more
Sneak thief
No more, more
Exciting shakedown

Kiss goodbye and run
I’ve been turning away from important things
Don’t matter how many times it takes
I’ll just keep my stride
I refuse to be cuffed

Always on the run
Always tumbling
Someday I can change
So I’ll search for the light…

➤ Written by Yukina, Matsuri (HANABIE.)
HANABIE. | 2023

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