HALF ME – Trauma Culture Lyrics | Video

Lyrics Trauma Culture – HALF ME

Different minds in the same frame
The rules are set and put on a scale
A dream of blood with a face so pale

Oh once I realized I’m in control
I’ve been taking my chances
‘Cause it’s all my fault
Playing the cards I was dealt
As I’m running with broken bones

We’re only prone to the dogma
When we are coming from a bad place
No helping hand
No sight of saving grace

I know it seems too little too late
Dug in too deep into my weakness
From being struck by bad luck and despair
To suffering the same fate

Different minds in the same frame
Different crime but the same name

The walls are closing in
The ceiling is coming down
Paranoid in my own skin
There is only one way out
Gradual isolation
Intellectual intoxication

Follow through without a thing to complain
Carve my lane
I’m better off with the bitterness
Carve my lane
Became a host with no dignity left
Carve my lane
Consume the life from my open vein

So cynical
Non clinical
Not listening

Until you die you will propagate your f**king waste…

➤ Produced by Julius Jansen
HALF ME | 2021

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