Haim – Summer Girl Lyrics | 2019

Lyrics “Summer Girl” – Haim

L.A. on my mind, I can’t breathe
You’re there when I close my eyes, so hard to reach
Your smiles turn into crying, it’s the same release
And you always know, and you always know

I’m your summer girl..④

Du-du, du-du-du-du
Du-du-du-du, du-du-du-du-du..④

Lightning in your eyes, you can’t speak
Falling from the sky, down to me
I see it in your face, I’m relief
I’m your summer girl

I’m your summer girl..⑥

Du-du, du-du-du-du
Du-du-du-du, du-du-du-du-du..④

Peer around the corner at you
From over my shoulder I need you
I need you to understand
These are the earthquake drills that we ran
Under the freeway overpasses
The tears behind your dark sunglasses
The fears inside your heart as deep as gashes
You walk beside me, not behind me
Feel my unconditional love

Du-du, du-du-du-du
Du-du-du-du, du-du-du-du-du..③

And I can see the angels coming down
Like a wave that’s crashing on the ground
I can see the angels coming now
Like a wave that’s crashing on the ground…

➤ Written by Lou Reed, Rostam, Ariel Rechtshaid, Alana Haim, Este Haim & Danielle Haim
Produced by Rostam, Danielle Haim & Ariel Rechtshaid
Haim | 2019