Gucci Mane – Off The Boat (Lyrics | Video)

Lyrics “Off The Boat” / Gucci Mane

Marii Beatz turn me up
Gucci, it’s Gucci (Gucci)
Gucci hah..

My b**ch came off the boat, boat, boat
I’m never going broke, broke, broke
It look like we sellin’ dope, dope, dope, dope
Fur coat on, I’m the goat, goat, goat, goat

My foot on naked throat, throat, throat
Diamond cross I’m like The Pope, Pope, Pope, Pope
Jewellery really cold, got me really cold
Like J. Cole, I think my neighbors know I’m selling h*es

Me and a white girl just eloped
Same day, my brief came off the boat, boat, boat, boat
I think I’m Pablo on the low
But free El Chapo he the goat, goat, goat, goat

All these similarities, I donate to charity
I’m a good Samaritan, my b**ch ain’t American
This is not a parody, gold up, that’s a rarity
Gucci Mane’s a murder, are you sure you wanna marry him
Deep rock clarity, your jewellery’s embarrassing…

➤ Written by Marii Beatz, Dun Deal & Gucci Mane
Album: Evil Genius
Produced by Marii Beatz & Dun Deal
Gucci Mane 2018

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