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Lyrics Gucci Flow – Gucci Mane, Finesse2Tymes

A million dollars don’t excite me
Model b**ches can’t entice me
Still a street n**ga, white jumpsuit
Black Glock, dirty white Nikes
Still’ll put them things in a rental
Crack his head down the middle
And I’m certified everywhere I go
I don’t need a vouch, I’m official

They wanna stop me, like Jeffrey Simmons
I’m from Memphis, I grew up and walked to Simmons
If you ain’t from the block, you the opposition
If you weren’t sellin’ dope, you was killin’ and pimpin’

Robbin’ and stealin’, whatever to get it, just get it
Anything that’s on me, it’s in me
I speak the truth, I’m the realest
I ain’t just dedicated, I’m committed

Pull up, white polo-tee, Palm Angels sweat
VVS baguettes, they know I was next
Locked down, twenty-three hours
One hour wrecked, look at me now
Everythin’ together
If I changed, I changed for the better
Everybody won’t shine with me
But we ain’t stayin’ in the rain together
Can’t hang together

Gucci finessin’, these n**gas regressin’
Call me a clone, but I call it progressin’
I went to jail and it taught me a lesson
I took a bird and turned into a blessin’

One got a fetish for chasin’ the lettuce
She droppin’ this, made her get some baguettes
N**gas pathetic, diss me and regret it
I took the cash and let them take the credit

Life is hectic, keep it kosher steady
Don’t need no medic
Lost in Vegas, I ain’t sweated
Picked up a bag and I ain’t bet it
My n**gas rich with millions, but we fell in it
N**gas did the killings, but they tellin’
Every time I hit the county, I was sellin’
Brought the front to pack, I was seven

Matter of fact, I was into .7s
Jay showin’ love, call me Kevin
Forgive me, Lord, I really need a reverend
Play with ‘Wop, you’re on your way to heaven
Gucci pulled up in a 911
Raisin’ terror, like it’s 9/11
Took a n**ga, whack him without a weapon
He screamin’ Help, but knowin’ they can’t help him…

➤ Written by Gucci Mane, Finesse2Tymes & Tay Keith
Produced by Tay Keith
Gucci Mane | Finesse2Tymes | 2022

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