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Lyrics Dopeboy Freestyle – Gucci Mane

There’ll be a cold day in hell if this coupe ain’t roofless
And pigs’ll start flyin’ before you ever try Gucci
Don’t think this s**t a game like that label signed Lucci
12 think we throwin’ dead bodies in the Chattahoochee

And this ain’t hip-hop, this is dope boy music
I know you pu**ies scared, so let the dope boys do it
We used to get to it in an old-ass Buick
Moving birds like they cardinals like we from St. Louis

Tried to throw me in the pen, but I win when I’m losing
‘Cause I got real money, I make M’s when I’m snoozing
N**gas turn to b**ches when you see they a*s in person
Never had that energy they had in them verses

I’m my own security, my chopper gon’ protect me
And there’s a wet T-shirt contest for any n**ga disrespect me
You won’t build your rep off me, ain’t no n**ga gon’ step on me
1017 to the death of me, don’t put your life in jeopardy

If some n**gas think they made me, wasn’t even helpin’ me
They never let they weapon off when I got in discrepancies
Lord, please protect me from my friends ’cause I got enemies
In this life of sin, your own kin can turn to enemies
Better watch that b**ch that you lay with, sleep with your enemy
But I can count my friends on one hand, is you kiddin’ me

Only a couple of ’em
I never take the stand on ’em, I plead the fifth for ’em
I’ma get my boy out the jam, I’ma come through for him
And if them two birds keep chirpin’, I’ma wear both of ’em
They locked up Shiesty and Foo and I’m missin’ both of them

A real street n**ga
Let’s pop a bottle and toast for them
We done made millions together
I got some more for them…

➤ Written by Gucci Mane & TP808
Album: 1017 Up Next
Produced by TP808
Gucci Mane | 2023

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