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Lyrics psycho – griffin tomaino

I’ve been doing overthinking
Every single night, every day, every weekend
Feels so lonely ’cause you ain’t there to hold me
Wanna spend the night with you, baby
‘Cause you told me

That is what you wanted
And I wish that I was better at respondin’
Now my dreams inside my bed, you have been hauntin’
And I know that you will never leave
No, you will never leave

And I’ve battlin’ your new man in my mind
Yeah, yeah, new man in my mind
And he’s been winnin’ every goddamn time
Yeah, he’s winnin’ every goddamn time
Yeah, that’s how the confrontation goes
There’s no more discussion, it’s a whole K.O
When I’m down, knocked out, face down
Yeah, it’s so damn cold

Uh, yeah
Uh, uh, yeah
Let me hit this one time like
Yeah, it’s almost like you
I said, it’s almost like you

So it’s f**k what they say
Riding by my solo like the cup
Know the name, when you think about it, Yolo
So I’m done with the games
Didn’t come just to play
I’m feeling like Han Solo ’cause my girl looks like Leia, real
All of you hating little weasels love to squeal
My life a movie, yours’ an Instagram Reel
You’re in her DMs, but she’s lettin’ me feel
How does that feel

I really feel bad for you, uh
Yeah, I really feel bad for you, uh
I said, I really feel bad for you
But she feels so good
So I have to do it, yeah, I have to
I really feel bad for you
Yeah, it’s pity but I’m never really sad for you
You had a chance at this
Almost like you asked me to, uh
Yeah, it’s almost like you asked me, dude

Even my best friends think I’m kinda psycho
I’ve been covering myself, I’ll never need to have no Geico
You don’t mean what you say, you’re a reoccurring typo
I’m a psycho, I guess I’m psycho for you

I don’t care, man
I’m up, I’m up
Get down, stay down
Get down, stay down…

➤ Written by griffin tomaino
Produced by griffin tomaino
griffin tomaino | 2022

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