Grayscale – What’s On Your Mind | Lyrics 2019

Lyrics “What’s On Your Mind” – Grayscale

What’s on your mind
We yelled the whole night
Woke up the same fight
I want to die
The rings I jump through to try and please you
A constant climb
I swim to you through a sea of issues I can’t deny
But I guess we’re fine

You keep breaking
And I keep trying to understand
But you keep breaking
And you blame me for

What’s on your mind
I can’t relate to, just want to break through
What’s on your mind
This circle motion, bring up the old s**t
It hurts to lie
I’ll never get you, I’ve always been true
What’s on your mind

Drama queen
It’s make believe, all things you see through me
Whatever I said blurred so violently
Cry out I love you so constantly
But you f**k with me

Let it go this is nothing I haven’t said before…

➤ Grayscale | 2019