Gorillaz feat. St. Vincent – Chalk Tablet Towers Lyrics | Video

Lyrics Chalk Tablet Towers – Gorillaz feat. St. Vincent

Chalk tablet towers
Like drawing shadows
Chemical distraction
You are not with me

I departed in the spring
To a distant star
But I could not get back
I had gone too far


I wanna get drunk
I wanna get stoned
I wanna give up
I wanna go home

Watching rockets take off
From the parting sea
How will I ever touch you
If you are not with me
Oh-oh-oh-ooh, out here

There’s only silence, out here
No form of contact, out here
I am dreaming
Looking into darkness

Home, home..⑧


I won’t be baсk ’til the end of summer
Will you still be there
I won’t give up on you, darling
Just tell me that you care

I don’t need no trophies
No cell with a view
There’s nothing I wouldn’t give
One minute with you oh-oh-oh-ooh
You, oh-oh-oh-ooh..


➤ Written by St. Vincent, Remi Kabaka Jr. & Damon Albarn
Produced by Remi Kabaka Jr. & Gorillaz
Gorillaz | St. Vincent | 2020

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