Godfather of Harlem & Swizz Beatz – Street Opera Lyrics

Lyrics Street Opera – Godfather of Harlem & Swizz Beatz feat. SAINt JHN, Fivio Foreign & BIA

Let the opera sing
She sing, yeah
Look, uh

I hop in the Phantom of the opera, huh
Police keep on watchin’ us, huh
We too far, they can’t rock with us
So they gon’ need binoculars
I gotta lay low, huh
But that’s how my day go, yeah
I got a Spanish with some pesos
I got a Haitian killer with a Draco
He catch a body on his down time
That n**ga die, he come around mine

I dare a n**ga crosses ..
Spoke to the killer, boy, he sound fine
You better be scared, we all goblins
N**ga, we shootin’ all our problems
N**ga, I learned from the Godfather
If the victim survive, we gon’ try harder
You ain’t wanna be dead then why bother
They put me in jail and I got smarter
They gave me a chance and I went farther
Bullets aside, this is not ..
My life is a movie

Yeah, I’m from Brooklyn, huh
But I keep a bad b**ch from Harlem
New York, shoot him like he ain’t a ..
He goin’ hard, he wanna be a starter
He did the drill in a car
He go to charge in a Charger
You n**gas is new Jacks, huh
I’m Nino with a Carter
I got a quarter mil’ worth of jewelry, n**ga
And I’ll still rob you

When the phone goin’ up, trap’s goin’ up
This is just the normal life for the block
Rollin’ around, high to the low
This is just the normal life for the block, oh

Way back when, when I used to hang with man
A real top shotter
I like man, a real pistol popper
Still I’m drivin’ on .. of vodka
It’s too risky, I’m really important
I call and it really get sorted
When it come down to it, don’t care if CCTV had a recordin’
I had ’em singin’ like they got a record deal
You got no homies, they left to squeal
I gave ’em dro with the sex-appeal

I’m a Leo, do I got a hot spliff, I’m a hot-head
Roof off the top ’cause I’m drop dead
Gorgeous, haters be takin’ my portrait
I like my n**gas on Forbes list
P**sy, you can’t afford it
I got a message from you and ignored it
Hmm, who’s really up If you keepin’ the score
He hittin’ me up when I told him, It’s borin’
Passport lookin’ foreign
We just start spinnin’ the block out of boredom
They don’t got this s**t I’m wearin’ on photo
Might say it once so you know it’s a warning

When the phone goin’ up, trap’s goin’ up
This is just the normal life for the block
Rollin’ around, high to the low
This is just the normal life for the block
God damn it, ah, oh

Huh, I’m from where the killers and robbers
N**gas’ll do all the drillin’ and robbin’
With a percentage, these n**gas ain’t visitin’ .. not at all, wait
I just be spinnin’ and mobbin’
Why would I have any feminine problems
I’m just enjoyin’ my A&R, I’m honestly noddin’ off
In the creek with the doses, huh
You can sleep with the dolphins, uh
Bullets flew, couldn’t dodge ’em
Be in peaceful is opps
I’m an island dog, I’m an outside guard
I don’t count no alarm
How you know, How you know where you goin’ next be
How does it feel to have the Margiela on, Timbs on up in this game
How does it feel to feel to have a million dollar chug
You don’t even know to chuggle it

I ain’t even had a rest day
I don’t dance what I spend
I’m the kid, low life bench, real life Peter Pan
I don’t talk too much these days, IG the new CNN
Blick caught in my hand
Sex symbol with a tan
Never see a bad guy like me again

Oh, Lord
Let the opera sing
She sing
Like a lot of y’all sing
We own them cards too though
God damn it, ah

➤ Godfather of Harlem | Swizz Beatz | SAINt JHN | Fivio Foreign | BIA | 2023

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