Give Heart Productions – Colors of the Heart Lyrics

Lyrics Colors of the Heart (From “Blood+”) – Give Heart Productions

That they in monochrome had closed my eyes
I felt my heart disappear in the night
I cry but never know what’s right
The memories constricting my mind

Through darkness that I hide
Picks apart inside of me, every answer I’ll find
When the sun will rise, the morning sky
Is great and pale in the light

I search for day through the night
When at last I chain my burdens
While losing every piece of me
As I try my best to leave

Though we’ll fail again, tremblin’
All alone, I’ll never quit if you turn on the lights
If you turn on the lights, I’ll make it shine
A hope glowing bright

The dream beckoning in the morning sky
The colors, all will wither and die
So I’ve heard a thousand times
And still my mind will keep fighting through the crying

Every little laugh left to die upon this Earth
Is a heart of colors
I’ll take my turn, and pay my worth
The future is the bounty we earned
I’ll head to light the path through the world…

➤ Written by Takuya
Produced by Shawn Christmas
Give Heart Productions | 2023

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