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Lyrics Skengman – Ghetts feat. Stormzy & Ghetto

Skengman mode..④

Skengman mode
Gloves mask, jet black coat
Man do dirt then head back home
Eye in the sky like check that drone
If I’m on a glide let that go
I could be the bigger man
But them boy there won’t respect mans growth


Wingman, leftback flow
Wigman, headback blown
Sick man Ghetts and cold
Dip man send man home
Twist and bend that bro

I was 19 with a gun twice my age
I put man in the boot
That were twice my weight

Skengman mode..④

I’ll stand in the middle of the field and scare mans crow
You birds ain’t s**t got birds eye view on you n**gas involved
If if snitches then mans cold
And man start hitting up skengman mode
Man blast him don’t care where man goes kaboom


Even in a plain tee I’m flexing
Pat a n**ga down and find every pocket I’ll ghetts him
Drag him out the car man eject him
Could of been year 8 how I swept him
New school n**gas ain’t know were testing
Cuz you n**gas do online wrestling

I’m the merky, co-founder
Got the gift of the gab hear me louder
I could talk about the kettles on the counter
But you know about the kettles on the counter
Look, I love a real life encounter
Its funny on the phone you’re a shouter
They couldn’t figure how I pattern my flow
I stay cool and my catalogs cold, I’m too nice with it
To clear blue sky with it
Used to have a hoopty and do crime in it
It’s a big movie when I’m in it
Old school like blues and benners
And I work hard like 2 kris jenners
Yours truly true skengers
Its the skengman mode endeavours

Skengman mode..④

Celebrity death match
1 shot lick out ya headback
Man try run up on me I make legs snap
Wheelchair for the next lap
Everything jet black
Dun a mans dance can’t get that event back
Suck whos mum which one of you said that
48 laws of power has got man gassed which
One of you read that

Before I ever knew about Robert Green
I knew about rob and scheme
I knew about high top skin fade bob and weave
Ipod mixtape commentary
Why stop this way, obviously
I got pricks saying there onto me
What the f**k do you want from me
Man wanna draw ghetto out constantly

Skengman mode..④

Skengman mode..④…

➤ Produced by TenBillion Dreams
Ghetts | Stormzy | Ghetto | 2021

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