Ghetts feat. Pa Salieu & BackRoad Gee – No Mercy Lyrics

Lyrics No Mercy – Ghetts feat. Pa Salieu & BackRoad Gee

No motherf**king mercy
No mercy..④

Viola davis man will get away with murder
I know the pagans wan try take things further
Try know the basics before you use that burner
Old school jump out gang bang pull up and skrrer
Colt 45 for your head top
Mmm more life and less opps
Tour guide ill show you the best of
Then I pick back up where I left off


No motherf**king mercy
No mercy..④

COV where the streets ain’t pretty
Round here you get killed by nittys
Touch down for not miding your business
Out here your a clown indoors
You beat up your gyal, silly likkle boy
Beef who live where silly likkle boy
How many idiat boys get touched
‘Cah they took me for silly likkle boy
Oi come here silly likkle boy

Oi tell me bout jugg what
Show me the racks you stacked
From the trap likkle boy
What you know about waps likkle boy
Melanin mode dont follow no code
My code, you know I ride for my bro, still
Bad man don’t talk move low low
Bad man don’t slow move pronto
Man samusa with the hammer whoa
Give a f**k bout henry the who

No motherf**king mercy
No mercy..④


The kickbacks mad call me vandamme
Vroom the madman
And we don’t know nothing bout pressure
And dawg we don’t know about mercy
Unless shes blick and thick and thirsty
Woodoodoo muh from early
The ambulance still pon journey
I want more blood pon gurney
Who could intercept my journey

None, fill this one up to the T
Vroom skrr with kd thats me
Uh jump on his head attack him
Mind yourself do you know what your rapping
And yes im feeling like ghetts
Cah I make the gyaldem sing for me
Mad ting beat sing for me, aahh

No motherf**king mercy
No mercy
No motherf**king mercy
No mercy

No mercy…

➤ Album: Conflict of Interest
Produced by Ten Billion Dreams
Ghetts | BackRoad Gee | Pa Salieu | 2021

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