George Janko – The Heart Of David Freestyle Lyrics

Lyrics The Heart Of David Freestyle – George Janko

I asked God, give me the heart of David
Honestly I’m not patient
The devil getting frustrated
The weed is making me lazy
A generation full of babies
Honestly I can’t take it

United States but honestly
I don’t think it’s united at all
I’m over here looking like I’m about to go fall
My mental illness is taking the toll of it all
And Jesus over here like yo homie give it all
To me, a prodigy I oughta be

An epiphany they becoming to me at night
My tongue sharper than any one of your knives
The demons sweating they see me they grip on tight
I see your demons, I’m telling them its on sight

Im just playing I don’t fight, I do pray
I only go the way of Mr. Yahweh
Try to correct me, but I’m stuck in my old ways
And that way he don’t play, like no way
So I gotta get out of my own damn way

Yeah, watch me now, watch me now
The cross came and then washed me down
I’mma go ahead put me on a crown
I’m the son of the Mr. Ruler now
The devil screaming really out loudly
He not proud, I got the chains on him now

Jesus walks
Chi town
Ooh, Chi town
Mr. AZ hot now
I bow down to no one, unless it’s the Holy One
I’m the only one who’s speaking the truth on YouTube

Tell me what you do
Tell me what you choose
Are you heaven or hell proof…

➤ Produced by Ramii
George Janko | 2023

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