Geo Da Silva, DJ Gabro & Mr. Sax feat. Alexandra Mitroi – Kiss Me (Lyrics | Video)

Geo Da Silva, DJ Gabro and Mr. Sax feat. Alexandra Mitroi performing Kiss Me (Lyrics | Video 2016) 

Versuri (lyrics) Kiss Me 

Lyrics not available. Unfortunately we don’t have the lyrics of this song yet.
Ne pare rau! Momentan, versurile piesei nu sunt disponibile! Sunt in curs de editare si vor fi publicate in cel mai scurt timp! 

➤ Music: Gheorghe Constantin Cristinel, Basasteanu Cosmin
Lyrics: Gheorghe Constantin Cristinel, Alexandra Mitroi
Orchestration: Geo Da Silva, Dj Gabro, Adrian Ivan and Sean Norvis
Arranged: Gheorghe Constantin Cristinel, Lacatusu Gabriel
Directed by: Ovidiu Roteliuc
Production: Geo Da Silva and Sean Norvis
Mixing & Mastering: Mr. Pit
Management & Booking: Bogdan Toma
Cat Music & Voices Media 2016

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