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Lyrics Sleepless Nights – G Herbo

I gotta start back smokin’ weed though
‘Cause I’m tired of smokin’ these b**ches
yeah, no bulls**t, damn
keep all that, keep all that
And this Survivor’s Remorse right here
No bulls**t, but they came here

Had so many sleepless nights, try and get it right
I was walkin’ in the dark, but I needed light
Always knew I was that n**ga, I ain’t need the hype
I know my Glock don’t need a scope, I don’t need a light
Before I ever went up millions, I was eatin’ like it
I was puttin’ out songs and I ain’t even like it
The way I’m lookin’ at my future, you would think I’m psychic
I be wantin’ to go viral, I can’t even type it

See a hundred-fifty cash, my birth right, wake up early, work like it
I might finally get a wave, ride that b**ch like dirtbikes
I be nervous, but I’m brave, be myself, I can’t fight it
S**t you talkin’, you didn’t save, I made that the first night
And I’m still against time, cryin’ tears, but I’m fine
It took me years to get here, I keep it real when I’m lyin’
Never been a church kid, but I was preachin’ every line
How the f**k you still ain’t learn I was teachin’ every time

You was buyin’ pizza, I was ridin’ with heaters
Sittin’ on the bleachers, I was tryna reach you
How you think I’m full I ain’t even decent
S**t, I’m still hungry, I’ll get up and eat you

We had nine pieces, I got nine pieces
I f**ked mamas, aunties, and like five nieces
I be gettin’ vicious, man, you n**gas’ feces
Pull up, Lamb’ chops, man, you n**gas Reeses

I don’t even say too much, but y’all be rappin’ just like me
You can get up off your a*s, make it happen, just like me
Why you hoppin’ on the ‘net We ain’t with that, hit my leasy
Book you up a flight, just come tonight, this s**t easy

Broski called me up, I’m in the whip, guess they need me
Before I ever slid in all these mansions, I was greasy
Keep my s**t, and I still be on go, like I’m sleazy
In L.A., might pop out with no heater, this s**t breezy
When they say they need me, s**t, you need me
Mama said she need two, I think she need three
Think the feds tryna seize me, I’m with a bunch of Gs
Get these foreigns when you need ’em, I got a bunch of these…

➤ Written by G Herbo, C-Sick, Kid Deezy, Young T & MoneyEvery
Album: Survivor’s Remorse
Produced by C-Sick, Kid Deezy, Young T & MoneyEvery
G Herbo | 2022

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