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Lyrics Ridin Wit It – G Herbo

Reminiscin’, sat in county a week, was in there chillin’
How the f**k I ain’t end up in there when we was really drillin’
Can’t afford to take a loss again, I know the feeling
Damn, why the f**k you always in your feelings

I been bangin’ with Wopskino fair since we was children
They killed Tracey that same night when we was out there chillin’
I started rappin’, how the f**k I end up with some millions
Me and Cap was sippin’ drip like we ain’t have no ceilings


N**ga, Max was on them hits, so he couldn’t have no feelings
All them b**ches under his belt and ain’t got no civilians
Just like eeny-miney-moe, he hop out right there, get ’em
Damn, how you know ‘Cause I was right there with him

If I’m in interrogations, I’ma claim my innocence
I won’t pay you back with vengeance, kill you, count these Benjamins
Spittin’ similes, foenem listenin’, knockin’ out they sentences
Labels tryna meet me ’bout, uh, handle with due diligence

Go’n and raise your hand, went to war with no limit
Don’t see too many, we militant
Had that new foreign, bent the wheel on it
Park it in mama garage and just chill in it
Got bullet holes in it, who been in it
Tint it, be right back in a minute
N**gas hearin’ stories, they thinkin’ we finished
Next day, we was back out on business

Got nothin’ to prove, I’m just reflectin’, God be my witness
Don’t disrespect ’cause I’ll wet you and won’t seek forgiveness
The world really wanna know just how I’m livin’
Gave it to ’em raw, so now I’m one of the realest
And I still got the same killers rollin’ with me
Got my Glock, I’m playin’ Nip, feel like a Rollin’ 60
I already mentioned Duwop, I still roll with 60


Still got a temper, lose control
You would think I roll with Missy
N**gas still mad, they pissy
Know my block sad, they miss me
Mama always said I’d be ridin’ with heat
So every time I slide, gotta kiss me
Lil’ b**ch mad I bought wifey a Patek
Ain’t even gonna buy her some Tiffany
I won’t never let ’em catch me slippin’

So I’m ridin’ with it
Yeah, I’m ridin’ with it
Gotta ride with it
Fightin’ cases and s**t
I still gotta ride with it
Yeah, I’m ridin’ with it
I’m still ridin’ with it
I’ma die for this s**t

And I love my hood
But you think I’ma die for this s**t
All the n**gas already died for this s**t
Candlelights, n**gas sneak diss on me
Out there cryin’ and s**t
All these b**ches talkin’ ’bout they love me
Out there lyin’ and s**t

Keep my heat, I don’t like surprises
And I see the envy all in your eyes, s**t
Devil in disguise want me to meet my demise
Ain’t no love in this s**t
N**gas watched me starve all in this s**t
Now I’m eatin’, n**ga say they hungry
Got low carbs in all this s**t

Give no f**k, n**ga, suck my dyck
You wouldn’t be hittin’ me if I wasn’t rich
Miles away, be hearin’ this
Then I come back ’round and n**gas don’t say s**t
‘Cause I ain’t no b**ch
You wasn’t ridin’ ’round
With them licks tryna get your lick back
When this s**t crack and see an opp
It feel like Christmas, n**ga finna gift wrap him

And I spent so much stackin’ this s**t, I forgotten it
Hit the A, they loνe me, I feel like I’m Dominique
Did some Louis kicks, I mixed the Virgil top with it
Urus truck, I copped the whip, then slut, your bop in it

So I’m ridin’ with it
Yeah, I’m ridin’ with it
Gotta ride with it
Fightin’ cases and s**t
I still gotta ride with it
Yeah, I’m ridin’ with it
I’m still ridin’ with it
I’ma die for this s**t…

➤ Written by G Herbo & Chase Davis
Album: PTSD
Produced by Chase Davis
G Herbo | 2020

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