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Lyrics No Guts, No Glory – G Herbo

Uh, uh
This that real player s**t
You know, from a real player that just sit back
And look at life and see how this s**t goin’ now

I just been in mode
This for them b**ches that ain’t love me, before I was in that Rolls
But f**k them h*es, I’m still runnin’ tryna chase my goals
They all eaters, like the Reaper, tryna take my soul
They call me the humble one, but I know I’m the GOAT
Yeah I’m calm, I’m still a tickin’ bomb, I’ma blow
Got the world sittin’ in my palms, drop the lo’
How much I pay, Got too many charms, I don’t know
I’m in the ‘Raq, I ain’t even see my mom or with my bros
You tell me show up, I can’t pull up armed, I don’t go
And n**gas talk but they don’t mean no harm, they some h*es

Killers spinnin’, I ain’t in attendance, I’m a no-show
If you mention me, I know what’s up, that’s just promo
Big G Herbo fly without that fire, that’s a no-no
This b**ch been on my side since my n**ga died
Flamin’ that iron, my lil’ n**ga fried
I’m really that n**ga, how can I hide Fly to Atlanta
And pop out at Hyde
Walk out of Hyde and go to the bove
Seen that water, I dove

And I’ma stick to the code
I used to play with the stove
I used to pay for them O’s
Now they payin’ for records I sold
Now I just fly to New York
And I’m payin’ the jeweler for makin’ my mode
Now I got like three cribs and three kids, I feel like I’m old
I taught them n**gas the game, they know what it is
I feel like they owe me
Really a n**ga don’t owe me s**t
If you was born by yourself, get rich
Beat my his mom, made him pick the switch
Five years later that switch on the stick

I was down, I ain’t have s**t
Swervo rich, I still ain’t switch
Made the drive, but I can’t pick
‘Cause all these h*es on my d!ck
Used to ridin’ with that blick
Used to love firin’ like my Bic
Swervo ridin’ in that six
G six three, that’s my b**ch

Wreck the ‘hawk, got it towed
Lost my dog, bought him froze
Wish the Bulls would’ve gave D-Rose a max
Still ball like D-Rose at Saks
I be switchin’ from Rolls to Lamb’
I be switchin’ from Rolls to ‘Lac
I be switchin’ from rapper to savage
Savages love me, let ’em hold the sack

I’m still the same, word to my tats
Cock and bang, word to my Gat
I’m so charismatic I act
You ain’t even know I act like that
I barely pop outside with stacks
I got to pop outside with straps
Soon as I pop out I’m on go
How bro pop outside and lack

G Herbo
I’m G Herbo and Swervo, can’t even..
I can’t even tell the difference between G Herbo and Swervo…

➤ Written by G Herbo & Boi-1da
Album: Survivor’s Remorse
Produced by Boi-1da
G Herbo | 2022

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