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Lyrics All That – G Herbo ft. Kodak Black

ATL Jacob, ATL Jacob..
I pop out a Rolls set
All baguette
I ain’t f**kin’ with you, b**ch
I think I’m all that
Hit my accountant
Gave him six-hundred thousand
All checks
Got like six foreign whips
They all black, they all matte

F**k her and don’t call back
She get stressed, now she stressed
She get wet off a text
She get text just for sex
I don’t bap, I don’t flex
Then I’m on to the next
I be gone off the neck
Hit the phone when it’s dead
Turn the home into black

Eliante, VVS
Ain’t no Chrome on my neck
How he livin’ like that
He ain’t got no platinum plaques
Swervo pulled up, all roses
Me and foe’nem, back to back
We them n**gas out the ‘Raq
Rap, but we don’t gotta rap

All black whip to blick the MAC
It ain’t nothin’ to get you whacked
In the studio with MACs
So I might forget to rap
Where I’m from, like Vietnam
Most my b**ches from the ‘Raq
We just good at postin’ a gun
Never made them b**ches clap

Yeah, ain’t really ate nothin’ today
But some beans, boy
We ain’t gon’ tell you that you food
We just gon’ eat, boy
Turn me up a little
Boy, I can’t hear them n**gas
You play Malcolm Middle
Then you droppin’ the rental

I ain’t no worried ’bout no fake-ass, lame-ass
Suckin’ d!ck for a deal, gay-ass rapper n**ga
Like a birthday cake, you get your face smashed, ASAP
Snipers always first to strike, ’cause I don’t like to pay back
At race track, I’m sellin’ gas, Charmin, I’m on n**gas ass
Brand new ‘Rari, bought it cash, totin’ a carbon, I’m with a flash
I run from b**ches, fall in love with me too fast
I don’t run from smoke, this s**t for sure, go ask the task

ATL Jacob…

➤ Written by G Herbo, Kodak Black & ATL Jacob
Album: Survivor’s Remorse
Produced by ATL Jacob
G Herbo | Kodak Black | 2022

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