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Lyrics “Hood Cycle” / G Herbo

Uh, I call it heart music
No, not H.A.R.D, H.E.A.R.T, heartfelt shit, you know
Yeah, um, you know, we go through painful shit
With painkillers, ’cause we soldiers ourselves

I’m just starring in the palm of my hand
Thinking should I pop this perc even though it might kill me
If you got PTSD you feel me
Dead or in jail you will be
What the cop told to the lil me
Fast forward time now literally
If I got on tour make a mill at least
Mom didn’t have much we ain’t really eat
Therefore I was always in the streets

You didn’t heal anything in no tweets
That’s cuz It was some real beef
Everyday a shoot out for four week
Four 30 clips we four deep
Can’t hug the block cuz we riding with glocks
So you already know
Man since I got rich all the people in my life depend on me
So you know I gotta smoke weed
Quick gang bang got more cheese
I don’t know nobody he know me
And you know we shinin
Everybody with me got a rolley
N**ga reach you know we smashing
Security freak like roady
And I miss my brody
Slack a stick in my fourty
Still exotic smoking
Got Vlive from OD
Spending hood bibles
When n**gas that bump son go pick it up
Yeah, that’s the hood cycle
So I’m tryna go find
I ain’t got no opps or no little rivals
That’s the hood cycle

When you ain’t got no money everybody in the hood like you
When you start making some money everybody in the hood get excited too
Ain’t nobody did nothing for me and then looking like damn who invited you
When you can’t give em nothing that’s when they start to feel something
Gimme some space I don’t trust nobody don’t make me kill something

And they all love you
At these show when I was broke I didn’t see all of you
Not a call from you
Moved out grandmas crib
Right in front we used to get in shootouts
I was just a kid
Shoulda got some money bought you a house
Now you dead, I regret all the time I spent without you
I was deep in the streets
Tryna kick it tryna bond who out

The foolish things I did
Sorry for how I lived
My momma lost without you
She ain’t gotta tell me I look in her eyes and see it
Walking in the house my eyes was red
They was talking inside my head
Glock was out of lead
So evidently I had to spread
When God got me out of bed
Let me hop right out on my leg
Oh I know what you said
You must want me to go chase the bread
N**gas talking about what you had
I thought you was the man
Said that h*e gave you some head blood
We on that s**t in my bed versuri.online
I’m just tryna come in the house and f**k
I don’t wanna come in no house and fuss
Girl you don’t gotta get loud and cuss
Go on and put on that blouse I love

Let me get it from the back or something
F**k it imma put you on the couch now what
I done fell in love
For the month
Now we in the club
All these diamonds uhhh
She got a fat ass climbing the pole
She looking like a monkey
Just to walk in this b**ch they gave me some rolls
Why don’t I throw some money
Picking ones up off the floor
Charlamage you f**king donkey
White teacher at school told me I was a flunky
Cuz I was a f**king junkie
And I admit coulda wrecked the whip
Fell asleep I’m lucky
Had I listened to him
Coulda fell victim to the streets I’m lucky
Now I ride past in the Benz like you f**king honky…

➤ Written by Oz On The Track, Southside & G Herbo
Album: Still Swervin
Produced by Oz On The Track & Southside
G Herbo 2019

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