G Herbo ft. Benny The Butcher – Real Rap Lyrics 

Lyrics Real Rap – G Herbo ft. Benny The Butcher

Uh uh, G Herbo..
Way back in grade school, I was a baby bully
Now I sit down with the labels, I’m like 80/20
Before I ever bought Amiri’s, it was grey hoodies
For every n**ga, every b**ch that I can’t have cut it
P**sy, listen, better think ’bout what you sayin’ to me
My lil’ cousin and ’em in traffic, with like eight fully’s
For real, they gon’ kill, blood spill and take a pill
I knew I’d make a mil’ ever since I was little

I’m on defense with my steel, but I like to drill
Wake up, work, and pay my bills, but I like to chill
I just bought another GT coupe, that’s the lil’ one
I watched Disney on the TV too, with my lil’ ones

When you call me, I might fall through, ’cause I’m a real one
F**k these rappers, ’cause they all food, I don’t feel them
My lil’ ho’, she know a hundred tricks, like Matilda
And on my strip, we took over s**t, like the pilgrims

Butcher comin’, n**ga, yeah
I jumped in this s**t, just to cause some terror,
I’m not from the blogger era
Park my coupe by the truck that start up when I’m walkin’ near it
The FBI try to make me a target just off of lyrics
I look and see a bunch of me’s, this s**t must be a wall of mirrors

I’m talkin’ serious, Mr. Pyrex Man, I’m an author, period
Facts, as far as stats go, I should be all American
But I thought the streets was cool, I was fallin’ asleep in school
I made white float on water, just like a Norwegian cruise
I ain’t that patient with these h*es, s**t like this be new to Earth
She only see n**gas like me on TV or Google Search
F**k a broke b**ch, if she gon’ front, like you usin’ her
I f**k one more time, then cut her off, ‘fore she do it first

This spot, I had to take it, rappers in they imaginations
I really got plugs, drugs, and travel agents
Since way back, them felony charges been aggravated
Anybody who cross gang got a suit and a casket waitin’, ah

Yeah, it’s The Butcher
Swerv’, we really like that
Really like that

A vampire, but I’m Blade, I got a different thirst
Couple million n**gas made, b**ch, I did it first
Couple opps came trim, then we did ’em worse
This my block, you get some clout, then you get a shirt
I’m really him, I did the Lamb’, I done did the ‘Vert
My b**ch in every different whip, every different purse
My clique in every different Rollie, AP is crazy
I played the streets, I’m like Meech and JAY-Z

I played the game waist-deep, you know this gangster s**t ain’t cheap
I had a shootout, then I made a quarter-million in the same week
I’m at odds with a n**ga I love, so we can’t speak
That’s my n**ga, but I’m on what he on, ’cause I ain’t sweet
Just take me for example, look what this s**t made me
Be careful what you wish for, ’cause the paper don’t change grief
Yeah, somewhere in Cali’ with Swervo, Lamb’ behind the turbo
They think I went commercial, there’s killers in my circle…

➤ Written by G Herbo, Benny the Butcher, CAMEone, Gerson Zaragoza, Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland, Brian Holland & Thelonious Martin
Album: Survivor’s Remorse
Produced by CAMEone, Thelonious Martin & Gerson Zaragoza
G Herbo | Benny The Butcher | 2022

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